Asset & Wealth Management

Comarch solutions help to provide client-oriented services and build long-term relationships at every stage of a client handling process, i.e. while analyzing their situation, needs and expectations, supporting the optimal allocation of their assets, choosing and offering suitable products, monitoring the implementation of investment objectives and informing about achieved results, risk and new investment opportunities.


  • Investment Advisor
  • Investment Assistant

Investment advisory

Support for advisory process both from advisors and clients perspective. Comprehensive support for client relations management, financial needs analysis, objectives set-up, optimal asset allocation, post-sale monitoring and servicing as well as self-advisory tools for clients available in various channels (web, mobile).


  • Portfolio management
  • Fund Valuation

Asset management

Full automation of asset management, portfolio and fund bookkeeping. Processing typical front-office operations as order management, portfolio modeling and trading as well as middle and back office tasks including settlement, reconciliation, bookkeeping, valuation and reporting.


  • Performance Attribution & Risk
  • Data analysis (CUBE)

Portfolio analytics

Flexible and multi-layer analysis of portfolio performance, excess return, attribution and risk exposure. User defined analytical processes providing ex-ante and ex-post view of the managed assets.

Client reporting
and communication

  • Client Reporting & Communication
  • KIID reporting
  • AIFMD Transparency Reporting

Client reporting and communication

Informing clients in a clear and detailed manner about their investment portfolio, the risk associated with it and the achieved investment results as well as reporting on products and their characteristics. Available for clients in various channels (web, mobile, mail).

Cloud application services

  • Data Center

Alternative to the extension of a companys own resources without a need to create a costly technical infrastructure.